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  • CIDR to IPv4 Address Range Utility Tool | IPAddressGuide
    CIDR to IPv4 Conversion

    Great CIDR Overview HERE!


    Crackstation Free Password Hash Cracking

    More Pentesting Tools from Defuse Security

    Pentesting Hardware Tools from Maltronics

    WebMastering Tools

    CHMOD Calculator

    IP,Subnet,MAC: Identify,Calculate,Convert

    Complete Top Level Domain List


    Contagiodump - Malware Samples for Researchers

    Malpedia - Malware Samples and Analysis

    Malicious Site Tracking and Other Services

    Blacklist of SSL certificates used by botnet C&C servers

    BlackLists Dridex and Emotet/Heodo Botnets

    Threat Miner

    Kaspersky SecureList

    Links to Official Vulnerability Disclosure Archives



    Parrot Security



    Metamorphic and Polymorphic Malware - uses and defenses...

    PimpMyKali - Kali Linux VM Hacker-Oriented Upgrade Tool

    Linux SysOps Handbook

    Request Smuggling

    HTTP desync Attack Methods

    Infrastructure Vulnerability Analysis - Hacker Combat

    Tor Botnet CnC

    Resilient Botnet Control

    Threat Intel Feed

    Network Simulators

    Defensive Tools

    Offensive Tools

    Vulnerability Scanners for Researchers

    Netstat Command Tutorial

    OSSEC - Host-based Open Source Intrusion Detection

    OpenVAS - Open Vulnerability Assessment Scanner

    NMAP - The GoTo Network Mapping Tool

    Offensive Security Tools for SysAdmins

    Core Impact - Professional Penetration Testing Suite

    Immunity Canvas - Comprehensive Exploit Development Framework

    Hack The Box - Massive CTF Hacker Playground and Academy

    Offensive Security - Designers and Maintainers of Kali Linux

    Metasploit GitHub - GoTo CLI Vulnerability Exploit Resources and Tools

    In Depth Analysis of Social Engineering Strategies

    Exploit Database - The Encyclopedia of Currently Documented Exploits

    Linux From Scratch - Build Your Own Linux Distro

    Open Source AI - Tools for Open Source AI Development

    Vulnerability Scanners - List of Popular Vulnerability Scanners

    Seclists on Github - Source for Wide Variety of Dictionaries and Security Research Lists

    SILENTTRINITY - Installing This Comprehensive Vulnerability Testing and Exploit Framework

    Massive Resource for Real World Hacking Methods and Tools

    IPPsec hackthebox Walkthroughs...

    SwissKey Command-Injection Payloads

    Install ZENMAP on Debian-based Systems

    Credential Checking and Cracking Resources

    Analysis of Return-Oriented Programming Exploit Strategies

    Attack-Vector Oriented Data Modeling and Integrity Strategies

    Review of Exploit Kits

    Weaponizing PDFs - The Vulnerability That Never Diedd

    Attack Vectors in Critical Infrastructure

    Vector and Delivery Channel Discovery

    Nanotec Hacking!