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Oracle VMWare Player- Free Non-Commercial Virtual Platform

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Tor Browser


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Beginner's Guide to Understanding BGP - Border Gateway Protocol

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Kaspersky SecureList

(AGAIN??) Massive Widespread Infrastructure Vulnerability caused by Industrial Controller Firmware Issue

Skynet, a Tor-powered botnet straight from Reddit

2020 Cyber THreat Intelligence Report from Digital Shadows

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How to Keep Your Healthcare Organization Safe

Connecting OT to the Wider Net Can Lead to "Indefensible Levels of Risk"

Risk Quantum Computing Poses to Universal Authentication Protocols

How A Responsible Vulnerability Researcher takes on Sonic Wall: CVE-2020-5135

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All Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (NSA/HS Spinoff) Advisory Publications

State-sponsored actors from Russia and China are leveraging several of the same publicly known vulnerabilities in their attacks, all of which have patches available.

All the Ways Your Wi-Fi Router Can Spy on You

Bad Actors Exposed: Extremely Detailed Realtime Real-World Threat Vector Procedural Enumeration

Zero Trust Architecture

Free Port Security Scanner (and MUCH MUCH More!)

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10 Immutable Laws of Security... heh...

What Microsoft IS good for... lol

SD Card Tamperproofing Issues

Cryptography-Understanding Zero Knowledge Proof Systems

Torsocks vs. Proxychains

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(Breaking: In Depth) Help/News for All You Microsoft Platform Victims Out There... lol

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